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Here you will find the latest updates to my site and some links that I think are worth a visit.

 Local News 

Added 10 more of your questions and fixed two questions that were incorrect. There are now 263 total questions in the database. So far, 13,990 quizes have been graded.


Added 68 questions submitted by you today! I also fixed the Shino-Ballo Question and the Bart Shirt Color question, so stop bugging me!


Sorry to those of you that correctly answered the question regarding the name of the character added to the Itchy and Scratchy Show using Homer's voice and were incorrectly told that it was Uncle Ant. This question has been corrected. Also added 5 more user-submitted questions.


More than 2800 votes by you resulted in 38 upgrades and 37 downgrades of questions today. The ratings have been reset. Thanks for all your input.


Added 32 new questions to the database. All were submitted by visitors to the site!


After receiving yet another death threat about the question dealing with what state the Simpson's live in, I've decided to remove the question. Some things just aren't worth the hassle.


Created the news page today.

Worthy Web-dealies

Simpsons World - The official simpsons site from FOX and a great resource to stream episodes once you sign in with your tv provider.

CSS Homer - If you don't know what CSS stands for, then don't even bother clicking this link - you won't get it.